Monday, April 25, 2016

Edge to Edge Quilting


Well, I did it!  I chose to put my family first and my teaching career on hold.  I was offered a pretty fancy teaching position then decided that my children still needed their mommy at home.

After studying my church's teachings on how important it is to be a mom, I left the teaching profession.  When the doors of the high school I teach at close in June, I will be out of work.

That means...

I have time to quilt!

I decided to do free-hand edge-to-edge only (for now, perhaps adding Pantographs and Mix'N'Match later).  My services begin at $0.015 per square inch.  If you need mail-order, it is a $30.00 return postage.  Also, my minimum charge is $30.00 (for wall hangings and et. cetera.)

I also have a Facebook page where I can be easily contacted for quilt scheduling.

Modern Tradition Quilts on Facebook

Here are some photos...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Who Knew?

So...what am I going to try that is "NEW" this month?  I am going to load a hand-sewn Mother's Flower Garden quilt top on my frame and quilt it.  I'm a little worried because the antique hand-sewn seams are frayed.  In the long run, machine quilting it will be a good idea, but if I stretch it too tightly on the could be drama.  I am sharing this blog post over at the Pink Doxies Brave Quilter link party.


Who knew?

Not me!

Apparently Michael Miller Fabrics has a new fabric line out called Melodies.  Without telling me, they decided to use the my Ohio Star Burst Pattern to showcase the fabrics.

That is great, but shouldn't they tell someone .. me...the author?  Where did they find my pattern?  After all, this is such a small blog.  I can't even afford to buy Michael Miller Fabrics.  LOL  I am flattered that they like the pattern and chose to promote it, just taken aback.  What a surprise.

Well, here is their version:  (It's a good thing I found it on Google Images or I NEVER would have known). is my version...

I designed my Diamond quilt at the same I added it for pictures too.  My husband loved this one, and it is still on our bed.

Well, have a nice day!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Promise I'm Not Dead!

Thank you for those of you who are patient followers of my blog -- and even for those that were kind enough to send me an email to see if I was still quilting.

I had to take a 9 month hiatus from my  blog.  As you recall, I started a Master's degree last winter and I will graduate May 1st!  Yay!  All done!  Because of that degree, I was offered a job to teach high school science at my local school district.  Yes, the first year is completely nuts -- and with juggling 4 kids -- and all of the master's degree work, all I did was made it to my neighborhood monthly block of the month party.  So sad!

Now...that is done and I am debating what I should do for the future.  Can I juggle both quilting and teaching school?  Should quilting go back to the hobby side of life only?  (This means I can take the time to quilt my tops how I want them instead of rushing through and doing an edge to edge because I have customers waiting).  Should I start machine quilting again?  I am seriously thinking about re-opening my machine quilting business (although I wrote that previous post about why I quit it) - but as EDGE TO EDGE ONLY.  The only problem is that when clients see my custom work -- they only want custom work at edge-to-edge prices.  That reason is why I left the business.  Can I do edge to edge only?   I still get calls and although I haven't written blog posts, I still have had some good things happen.

One of my patterns was published in print in an actual book!  That was an amazing "Bucket-List" feat for me.  The book is "Fast, Fun and Gifty" from Connecting Threads and can be exclusively purchased HERE.

My Swiss Chocolate Table Runner was published from Connecting Threads and can be exclusively downloaded HERE.

\ question, to all of you remaining blog followers is, do you remember how I hosted a weekly link party?  Did you enjoy that?  Would you like me to bring it back?  I would probably do it on a monthly basis -- instead of weekly.

Also, do you prefer me writing about longarm quilting techniques, fabric or new patterns?


Happy Quilting!


Monday, July 6, 2015

Strawberry Field Pattern Errata

Howdy folks!

From time to time,it is necessary to update a pattern.  If you purchased it and are confused, please feel free to email me and I will attach the updated version as a reply to your email.  You can find my email address on the  cover of the pattern.

Depending on which revision of my Strawberry Fields Quilt Pattern you downloaded, there was a need for clarification in part the cutting directions for the sashing for the quilt top measuring 72 inches square:

It said to cut 15 ten inch strips and then cut them into rectangles 3 inches wide to yield 60 rectangles.  This confused some readers.

To clarify:

Cut 15 three inch strips from the width of fabric, and then cut these into a length of 10 inches (4 rectangles will be yielded per strip for a total of 60 rectangles).

Hope this helps!

Have a nice day,


Monday, June 15, 2015

Announcing A Kit With Connecting Threads

Hello Readers!

I am so excited to announce that Connecting Threadss chose my Strawberry Fields pattern as a kit for their new fabric line, Jolly St. Nick.  The new catalog goes live online tomorrow morning and should be shipping for you to view soon.

I am so flattered, the quilt they made using my pattern made the cover of the catalog!  Pretty exciting!

I'm going to go purchase myself a kit so I can make it using their fabrics too.  Here is a link to their Notions blog and a post about the current catalog photo shoot.

A garden photo of my original Strawberry Fields quilt pattern.

A black and white photo of my original pattern, receiving a red, second place ribbon at the Taylorsville City art show.
It is remarkable for me to reflect and think that I first debut this pattern three years ago on this blog -- clear back in 2012.  I am so grateful for all the support and opportunities I have had.  A special thank you goes out to Connecting Threads for being a blog sponsor and supporting me and my fabric habit!

Until next time, Happy Quilting!!!